On the up and up …

In the news this week, house approvals lift six months in a row; and what happens when kids have TVs and computers in their bedrooms….

Key Auction Tips - Part 3 The Psychology of Auctions

Observing and understanding the often subconscious, psychological factors that influence bidding is part of my business. It helps me to get the best deals at auctions for my clients. The psychology of auctions is absolutely fascinating and it's something that all bidders should be aware of before auction day. Why? I hear you ask. It's because auctions are highly emotional environments where a bidder's focus, reason and common sense can easily be lost momentarily costing them thousands. Read More. 

House approvals rise again in June

Building approvals for houses have risen for six months in a row, according to data released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The more volatile apartment building sector did not fare so well, however....

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Unplug the kids, for their sake

If Aussie kids are becoming couch potatoes, it might be because more than half of them have televisions or computers in their bedrooms.

A new report into Australians’ health has found that children with televisions, computers and other media equipment in their bedrooms spend more time using them than those without the ease of access.

It also found that these kids take on average 1000 fewer steps each day...

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Awards for ‘independent senior’ housing

Nominations are sought for the 2013 National Lifestyle Housing for Seniors Awards, recognising innovative design and construction helping older Australians stay in their homes for longer.

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Liveable housing design goes mobile

On the topic of housing for the aged, Livable Housing Australia has just released a new app to help architects, designers, builders and tradesfolk design and build homes that are safer and more comfortable for everybody, everyday, at all stages of life.

The app is a mobile version of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines, which provide technical advice and guidance on the key 'easy living' features that make a home easier and safer to live in, such as entry, navigation and adaptability.

Livable Housing Australia is a not-for-profit partnership between community and consumer groups, government and industry. The app is available free for iPad and iPhone from the App Store.

10 easy tips for selling a vacant home

Most houses are sold before their owners move out, but what happens if you have to move away before your home is sold or the tenants have already moved out of your investment property?

Selling a vacant house is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. An empty house always looks and feels empty, so is harder for buyers to imagine themselves at home there. We look at what you can do to make your empty house more 'homely' and appealing...

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Branching out with great furniture

After cutting, sculpting and varnishing, it's easy to dissociate the wood in our homes from the grand trees they once were. With that in mind, an interesting household bench has caught our eye with its nearly-roots-and-all aesthetic.

Fallen Tree Bench by French designer Benjamin Graindorge exposes the raw, living material nature of wood in its pure form. As the name suggests, the sculpted natural oak bench is essentially a beautiful fallen tree branch, supported on one end by sprawling branches, and on the other by a borosilicate glass leg.