Thanks, Mum

This Sunday we appreciate mothers everywhere. In property news, it’s swings and roundabouts, with house prices up and interest rates down; and things are looking greener (and darker) for the city of light …

Don’t let the cold weather put you off

We've had beautiful sunny weather the last few weeks but the cold conditions will be on their way soon enough.  It’s quite common for Sydneysiders to put their search on hold during the cooler months of the year – but is this really the best strategy? Read More

Cash rate down to a record low

Borrowers look like being the winners this week, as lenders trip over themselves to offer even more competitive rates after the Reserve Bank cut the official cash rate to 2.75 per cent, the lowest it has been in 53 years.

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House prices up again

House prices continued to show improvement in the March quarter, according to new data released this week...

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Someone tell her she’s dreamin’

The term "dream house" conjures thoughts of a perfect house. Far from perfect, however, dreams often display abnormal images and events as our sleeping minds rush through subconscious slideshows. That altered state is just the kind of place Vietnam's "crazy house" was plucked from.

With the intention to make a fairy tale house, architect Dang Viet Nga created Hang Nga Guesthouse, a structure that resembles a tree with uneven windows and tunnel-shaped stairways.

The house itself twists and extends in many directions out and upward, while the inner cave-shape hallways feature wild mushrooms and spiderwebs, along with ten animal-themed guest rooms with decorations and handcrafted furniture to match each theme.

*Image by Kelisi via Flickr

Approvals seesaw

Dwelling approvals continue to seesaw, with March data showing consecutive falls this year following a period of growth throughout 2012.

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Mum knows best

Are you starting out or trying to save money to buy your first home or investment property? With Mother’s Day this Sunday, we feature some of mum’s tried and tested tips for saving, such as 'eat home-cooked meals' and 'do your own laundry'.

See what other good advice mum has for the young saver ...

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Paris, noir

With mass-public transit systems and hundreds of green spaces throughout Paris already, a bright new idea will see the City Of Light more eco-friendly, though perhaps a little dimmer.

From July 1 this year, the night lighting of non-residential buildings and storefronts in the city will be restricted. The order, made by French Energy and Environment Minister Delphine Batho, is expected to herald three positive benefits for the city by lowering the power consumption of 2 TWh per year, emitting 250,000 tonnes less C02 in the atmosphere, and diminishing the negative impact on natural ecosystems caused by artificial light during the night.

Analysis of the effects will be available in January 2014.