Lest we forget …

Next Thursday is Anzac Day. In property news, home loans on the rise; why now is a good time to invest in real estate; and we take a look at the average Australian…

Don't get burnt by data reports

House hunters who rely on data reports are likely to get burnt.  These reports generally note land size, sale price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces. If you rely on this very limited information to assess the noted properties in the report against one you're keen on in order to determine its value then there is a very real possibility you will end up more confused. Read More

Housing finance lifts

Home lending continues to improve, according to data released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The figures show that the total value of dwelling finance commitments excluding alterations and additions rose 1.4 per cent in February 2013, in seasonally adjusted terms.

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Could we be all green by 2030?

A recent study based on existing technologies suggests that Australia could be powered entirely by green energy in the near future.

On the basis that a carbon price of between $50 and $100 per tonne of carbon dioxide would make coal-fired and gas-fired power less economical than renewable electricity, a University of NSW study has shown that all fossil-fuelled power stations could be phased out and replaced economically and reliably with renewable energy technology by 2030.

Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf, of the Institute of Environmental Studies at UNSW, said the comparison of the renewable energy system with a so-called efficient system of coal and gas-fired power stations was done to get a feeling for the relative costs involved.

What is your home worth?

Think you couldn’t afford to buy a one-bedroom flat in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai? What about a house in Monaco or the Caribbean, or even a chalet in Switzerland?

The average Australian homeowner could easily buy any of these, according to a new app on the UK Guardian’s website that allows readers to compare the price of their home with property on sale around the world...

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Great time to invest

With interest rates the lowest they have been in years, property investment is well and truly within reach for the everyday Australian, a leading industry figure said recently, pointing to at least half a dozen suburbs in each capital city where gross rental yields are greater than the cost to repay the mortgage...

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Mr. Average now a woman

After decades of being a male in his twenties, the average Australian is now a 37-year old woman with a monthly mortgage of $1800, according to analysis of data from the 2011 census.

She would be married and living with her husband and two children in a three-bedroom house in a suburb of one of Australia's capital cities. What else do we know about her?

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Luxury living, naturally

The great outdoors is a wondrous place, but not all of us look forward to living in a tent for even a few days. For those who don’t like roughing it, the Looper from Nomadic Resorts is hardly a tent.

Inspired by the form of a caterpillar, the combined skill-set of architect, tent technician, interior designer, landscape designer and low-carbon engineers have created a pre-fab luxury pod that is a self-contained, fully portable living space.

The Looper is a 40 square metre glamour tent, with air-conditioned sleeping area, small office with wi-fi and an indoor/outdoor lounge complete with entertainment system. The en-suite bathroom harvests rainwater, stores solar energy and treats its own wastewater. It also withstands the harshest environmental conditions, emits no volatile organic compounds and glows like a firefly at night.