Happy Birthday, Australia

To celebrate Australia Day 2013, we look at the average Aussie now and in 2025, and calculate the difference some simple savings could make to your mortgage this year...

New homes going up

New home commencements lifted by 2 per cent lift in the September 2012 quarter, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics...

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Who’s the average Aussie now?

Forget the beer-swilling sports nuts – we're a nation of urban-dwelling, eco-conscious bargain hunters, according to new research.

When it comes to Australia Day, many of us think of beaches, barbies, backyard cricket and booze, but it seems this may no longer be an accurate reflection of the typical Aussie. On the eve of our national day, we take a look at who we are today – and who we'll be in 2025…

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From close shave to burning sensation

Following record-breaking temperatures and raging bush fires, a cautionary tale from across the pond of how easily and unexpectedly fires can start at home is nothing if not timely.

A family of five in the UK recently escaped tragedy after returning home to find a fire raging in their bathroom, the UK Daily Mail reported this week. The blaze began after sunlight reflected from a shaving mirror set some towels alight.

A spokesman for the local Fire and Rescue service advised householders to think about the positioning of magnifying mirrors in relation to windows, and to consider any possible fire hazards that could be caused by the sun being reflected by these mirrors.

Add up the savings

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to make a budget and stick with it? It will be good if you can, because even small changes to your daily spending routine could amount to huge savings on your home loan...

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Emerald: the colour of 2013

Pantone* has announced that Emerald is the Colour of the Year for 2013 - a ‘lively, radiant, lush green’ that will promote ‘regeneration, balance and harmony’...

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A crib that GROs with your child

It's no secret how quickly children grow up. From zero to hero in 9 months, once they're here they'll spend the next few years growing out of clothes, furniture and belongings before you've finished paying them off.

The wise approach is to graciously join the hand-me-down circle of life, or to invest in things that grow with your child. GRO Convertible Crib does just that. Designed by two Nashville-based architects, GRO begins life as a crib with three height settings for the mattress.

As your child grows, conversion kits allow you to easily modulate the design and function into a toddler bed, a day bed, a play table, and finally a desk. With non-toxic material and finishes, it could well see them from cradle to college.