So long, Winter

In property news this last week of winter, inquiry announced into housing affordability and supply; research shows solar panels work better when they don’t get too hot; and how to attract butterflies to your garden

Inquiry into affordability welcomed

The long-awaited federal inquiry into housing affordability and supply in Australia has been welcomed this week by industry bodies.

The inquiry will address property taxation in the form of stamp or transfer duties and land tax, which are among the largest barriers to housing affordability and consistently performing markets.

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Greenery improves solar output

Could a green roof make solar panels work more efficiently? Scientists are now saying that surrounding the panels with green plants can increase their output by up to one-fifth.

UTS Researchers recently compared the output of solar panel arrays on two neighbouring buildings at Barangaroo. On one building, the panels were surrounded with low-growing plants and foliage, while on the other, the roof surface between the panels was left bare.

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Just add butterflies

It’s the last weekend of winter (can you believe it!), so from now we can expect the days to get longer and warmer, and the growth in our gardens to start flourishing again.

With a little planning now, we can add to the glorious display in our spring and summer gardens or balconies, by growing plants that will attract butterflies.

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Lights up for Wattle Day

If you notice some local landmarks turning yellow next week, it’s probably because of National Wattle Day, when we traditionally recognise, appreciate and maybe plant new Acacias, or Wattle trees.

This year, due to the ongoing need to maintain safe distancing, local councils and other organisations across Australia will be lighting buildings in gold and green on the eve (31 August) and the evening of National Wattle Day (Wednesday 1 September 2021). For example, Townsville, Brisbane, Townsville, Queanbeyan, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide will light up their landmarks in shades of yellow to wish everyone a Happy Wattle Day…at a safe distance.

Roof with a running track

Wellbeing’ has become a catchphrase for many modern urban residential developments, but not many have gone so far as to offer a running track.

Until ‘Royal Eden Docks’, one of East London’s new '15-minute neighbourhood' developments where everything residents might need or desire - restaurants, shops, gyms or a green space - can be reached in 15 minutes or less. Among the lifestyle features it offers are a rooftop running track and 'reflexology walkway', in addition to the regular gym, spa, business lounge and private cinema.