Spring growth blossoms

In the news this last week of October, market sentiment growing; houseplants to brighten any dim corner; and a way to finally get rid of those unwanted tins of paint…

The hidden cost of renovating

Now is certainly a good time to add value to your property, particularly for investors who are looking to manufacture equity and increase their rental returns allowing them to add to their property portfolio sooner rather than later. Read more...

Market gathering momentum

The Australian housing market is gathering momentum, according to NAB’s latest Quarterly Residential Property Survey.

The uptick in activity in recent months was also reflected in NAB’s Residential Property Index, which moved back into positive territory for the first time since mid-2018.

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Houseplants for dim spaces

Houseplants are becoming increasingly popular again, not only because they look great, but for their capacity to clear the air in our homes.

But what if your home doesn’t have abundant natural light? We look at some plant species that are more suited to shady spots, and which should therefore thrive in low-light areas of your home.

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Making every building count

A landmark new plan to ensure our buildings work towards cleaner air and a sustainable future has been welcomed by industry bodies this week.

Buildings currently account for over 50 per cent of Australia’s electricity use and almost a quarter of our carbon emissions. Every Building Counts: A Practical Plan for Emissions Reduction* is a policy toolkit setting out a practical pathway for transforming Australian homes and other buildings into low carbon, high-performance structures while cost-effectively reducing emissions...

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Paint it back

Is precious space in your garage filled with old paint tins you’re not sure what to do about?

Australians buy more than 100 million litres of paint each year but around 5 per cent of it ends up as waste, making paint and its packaging one of the biggest sources of liquid waste going into landfill.

Fortunately for all of us, the industry has come up with a way to divert that.

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This old thing? Worth millions!

It almost makes us want to drag out those old paintings we inherited and look more closely, when we heard news reports this week of a rare masterpiece discovered in a French kitchen.

After the years of cooking grime had been cleaned away, the work turned out to have been painted around 1280 by the early Renaissance master Cimabue, and was sold on Sunday for 24 million euros ($39 million)!

Not just any slate roof

Tesla has taken another step in its quest to make solar power available to every household with the launch of yet another version of its solar roof tile. Called ‘solarglass’, the product is designed to look just like normal slate roof tiles when installed on a house, while doubling as solar panels to generate power.

Made from tempered glass which Tesla says is three times stronger than standard roofing tiles, they are designed to be installed by a local installer and use fewer parts than previous versions, making the process simpler and easier. Image: Tesla