As unseasonal bushfires, floods and storms rage…

Our thoughts, prayers and thanks go out to all involved. And we stress once more, please ensure that your home is prepared for any emergency and insurance cover is up-to-date.

Are you thinking of selling?

Before you commit to selling your property with a full public marketing campaign I suggest you do what dozens of people are now doing - they are giving us a call at EPS to let us know! Every year we buy several properties from people who have contacted us privately to let us know they are intending on selling their property in the near future.

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Rising confidence lifts outlook

Strong sentiment is providing a positive outlook for the housing market, the latest National Property Confidence Index shows.

Low interest rates, a solid rebound in housing market activity and continued offshore investor demand have cumulated in a rise in confidence...

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Do not knock means No!

Another energy provider has been fined for the failure of its door-to-door salespeople to take notice of a sign saying ‘Do Not Knock’.

The Federal Court's decision confirms that consumers can use a sign to request uninvited salespeople to leave their premises and do not need to meet the salesperson face-to-face to ask them to leave...

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Old brown buildings get green makeover

Many of Australia’s older buildings were constructed with scant regard for energy efficiency, but now that we better understand the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable building, where do we start in the process of making them ‘greener’?

After working for more than two years with various sectors of the industry, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has launched a new rating tool that will enable building owners and managers to identify ways to improve the environmental and financial sustainability of their assets over time.

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Take a break - at home

If life seems constantly abuzz with activity and you just can't escape the chaos, maybe it's time to create a ‘chill out’ space in your home that promotes leisure and a little ‘alone’ time.

Too many of us simply collapse on the sofa in front of the TV in sheer exhaustion. But this doesn’t really help, because (unless we fall asleep) we are then just bombarded with more images of murder, mayhem and things we need to buy!

Let's take a look at what is needed to create a space – not necessarily a whole room – where we can sit comfortably, think, read, daydream, create visions or even take a little nap.

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Spring Buyer’s Guide

Thinking of buying or selling your home over the next few months? Are you familiar with local housing market conditions and understand where you can and can't afford to purchase?

A comprehensive guide has been launched this week by property data provider RP Data offering invaluable information such as typical dwelling values, the number of sales, rental rates, rental yields, selling times and levels of discounting rates across every council region and suburb nationally.

While it is aimed at informing consumers who might be buying their first home, upgrading or looking to invest for future gains, the Spring Buyer's Guide can also by a useful tool for homeowners considering the sale of their property. It can be downloaded free from the RP Data website:

The lighter side of sand

Like sand through the hourglass, this is a way to make light. We're always on the look out for ways to reduce both our power bills and carbon footprint, and a Brooklyn-based designer has caught our eye with a lamp that turns off-the-grid lighting on its head. Repeatedly.

Danielle Trofe's Hourglass LED Lamp is, as the name would suggest, shaped like an hourglass. Flipping it causes the slowly-falling sand to create kinetic energy that in turn powers the lamp, illuminating the surrounding area.