Daylight saving starts this weekend for some states

Remember to put those clocks forward, or keep it in mind if you’re talking to friends interstate!

In property news this week, no change to interest rates; home values continue to spiral upwards yet housing costs remain steady; and World Habitat Day puts the spotlight on urban mobility...

Location does matter!

I read an interesting article the other day by property analysts, RP Data, which showed that Sydney properties located in the premium postcodes had a significant increase in values above and beyond less prestigious areas. The report showed a significant variation in the growth of values across the different price points over the last five years.

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Home values reach new high

Strong market conditions have seen dwelling values rise to a record high during September, but that doesn’t mean we need to fear a ‘housing bubble’, industry analysts said this week.

Australia's capital city dwelling values grew by a further 1.6 per cent last month, taking the combined capitals index to a new record high.

See what RP Data Research director and analyst Tim Lawless says to put that into perspective…

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Interest rates unchanged

Once again the Reserve Bank of Australia has opted to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.5 per cent this month, while it observes the effects of previous cuts.

In a statement announcing the decision, Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens said that the economy has been growing ‘a bit below trend’ over the past year and it is still too soon to really know the full effects of recent easing in monetary policy.

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Housing costs remain steady

It is all a matter of perspective, really, but housing costs for homeowners have barely changed in the past five years, according to a recent report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The latest issue of Housing Occupancy and Costs, Australia shows that the average weekly housing costs for households was $265 in 2011-12.

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Urban mobility – the pathway to the future

The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day. This year, it will be celebrated next Monday, 7 October 2013.

For 2013, the UN chose the theme Urban Mobility to encourage a shift towards more sustainable modes of transportation and draw more and more travellers out of cars and onto trains, buses, bike paths, and sidewalks....

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Breaking bad off the market

If your house were a pop-culture landmark, would you part with it? This week fans of the hit show Breaking Bad mourn the end of the series, however the real life owners of antihero Walter White's house are ferociously holding the fort.

Fran and Louie Padilla, who have lived at the now-iconic residence since 1973, told TMZ that no amount of meth money could ever convince them to sell it.

Unfazed by a potential financial windfall or the recent 1000+ monthly visitors, they can't put a price tag on the memories of living and raising their own family there.

A ripple in time weighs 9

Tables play an integral part in the functionality of our homes, but do they need to be weighty, unmovable juggernauts? Designer Benjamin Hubert thinks not.

Aptly named Ripple after its corrugated plywood composition, Hubert's table is the world's lightest timber table, weighing in at just 9kgs.

The 2.5x1m table uses 70-80 per cent less material than standard timber tables and can be easily assembled and manoeuvred by a single person, while its structural design makes it impressively sturdy and strong.