Friday 23rd August is Daffodil Day

All funds raised from the sale of daffodil merchandise today go towards research into the cause and a potential cure for cancer, a disease that affects almost one in three Australians.

In property news this week, consumer sentiment responds well to rate cut; gardening for tenants; and we take a peek at where the population is growing and flowing in the latest State of Australian Cities report.

Ideas for relocating to a new area

The number one mistake people make when relocating to a new area is buying a home before they fully check out the area they are moving to. Buying a home in an unfamiliar area carries serious financial risk and buyers should do their research carefully before jumping in.
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Confident consumers ready to buy homes

Confidence levels have surged since the latest cut to interest rates, according to the Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment.

Even better, family finances are in better shape and more people think it’s time to buy a dwelling.

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Cleaning up our act

This week we celebrated Keep Australia Beautiful with some wonderful news that Australians really are cleaning up their act. The release of the National Litter Index (NLI) showed a drop in litter by both item (3.4 per cent) and volume (1.8 per cent) over the past year.

Since the start of the Index eight years ago, an overall 20 per cent reduction in items and 31 per cent reduction by volume have been achieved.

In an effort to keep the litter on a downward trend nationally, Keep Australia Beautiful has launched a new campaign asking Australians to write their wrongs (very punny, we know). By taking a light-hearted approach to discussing litter-related wrongdoings, participants have the chance to win $500 a week for five weeks.

If you've got some litter to spill, do it on the litteringiswrongtoo website rather than on the street, and you could find yourself cleaning up.

Migration driving growth

Overseas migration accounts for half of the population growth rate in Australia with expansion in our major cities outstripping the national average, according to a new report.

The population and settlement data is outlined in the latest State of Australian Cities 2013 report, the fourth in a series of documents designed to present a comprehensive picture of how Australian cities are evolving.

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Gardening for tenants

Gardening is a form of relaxation and an essential part of a home for many Australians. If you are renting your home or live in an apartment, you may feel that a garden is out of the question, so you miss out on having somewhere quiet and peaceful to go and “potter” as a respite from daily stresses.

However, with some simple planning and creativity, a temporary garden can be just as enjoyable as a permanent one.

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Buy property now, live well, say Gen Yers

The ‘live now, pay later’ mentality often associated with Generation Y is more like ‘buy property now, live well later’, according to the results of a recent national survey, which shows that almost two-third of respondents already have a home and are looking to buy another as an investment in their future.

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Take it out on the furniture

The only issue with having a comfy couch is sometimes having to fight for a spot on it. Now it seems there's a couch that will help you train for those moments when you have to punch, claw and wrestle your way to comfort.

Champ, by German designer Tobias Fraenzel, is a couch that can truly take a beating. In its resting state it provides layabouts with a comfortable seat, but when the backrest is folded up it acts as a genuine punching bag ready for you to come in swinging.

Handmade from high-quality PU foam, it is said to match professional equipment, while being safe enough for children to play with. It sure sounds like a champ to us.