Market shows its resilience …

Making news this week, forecast predicts strong but patchy growth; building approvals and new home sales lift further; and the neighbourhood noises most likely to disturb your sleep…

Key Auction Tips - Part 2 Organise Your Finances and Research the Market

If want to buy well at auction then ask yourself this important question. How do you work out the value of a property up for auction so that you know where to set your bidding limit? The answer is `research, research, research'. There are no shortcuts here, research is the key to knowing the true value of any property and is absolutely essential in order to make sure that you purchase a good property for a fair price.
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Forecast outlines a patchwork future

While the green shoots of recovery appear to be emerging in a number of Australia’s residential markets, property industry analyst and economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel anticipates that the improvement will be uneven across the country.

The company’s latest report Residential Property Prospects, 2013 to 2016, examines the resilience and prospects of each state in terms of supply and demand...

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Firefighters warn: Careful in the kitchen

After a spate of recent kitchen fires – nearly five a day - residents are being urged to take care when cooking.

New figures show Fire & Rescue crews in New South Wales attended more than 200 kitchen fires over a period of six weeks, while in Queensland last year a total of 240 fires started in the kitchen in the Brisbane region alone.

Why is it happening and what can you do to prevent it in your home?

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House approvals rise in May

Approvals to build new houses have now been lifting for six months in a row, according to data released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The latest figures show that the total number of private sector house approvals rose 1.5 per cent in trend terms in May.

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Sounds that keep the neighbours awake

What noises do your neighbours make, that disturb your sleep? Loud music? Stomping on the floor?

Forbes Magazine reported recently that Harvard astrophysics grad student Jon Bittner surveyed over one hundred respondents for apartment-sharing site to find out what disturbs most people’s sleep. Ratings were done on a 1-5 scale, with 3 being neutral and 5 being ‘very disruptive’.

The most disturbing noise was found to be a party in the building (4.19), followed closely by construction at 4.18, loud sex (4.11) and thumping on the wall (4.04).

Slightly less annoying were the sounds of nearby talking, snoring, dancing, footsteps, TV/movie, street noise, music, machinery (such as a refrigerator), which were all rated on a sliding scale between 3.87 and 3.32.

New home sales continue recovery

Sales of new homes continued to improve in May, returning to their highest level in 18 months.

A survey of Australia's largest volume builders shows that sales of new detached homes increased, but the ever-volatile multi unit market did even better, growing by 5.7 per cent in May 2013...

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Going straight to the Summit

A team of young entrepreneurs in the United States has come up with the perfect scheme to buy and build their own patch of Eden.

They first persuaded about 50 well-heeled investors to help them raise the reported $40 million needed to purchase Utah's largely untouched Powder Mountain as a place to build a ‘community for entrepreneurs and thought leaders’.

Development is now underway to build 500 single-family sustainable homes, a central village, boutique lodging and amenities on the 7,000 acres of natural wilderness and untamed ski slopes.

“Our goal is to create a place that has a positive impact not just on the residents of Summit Eden and the Ogden Valley, but the state of Utah, and the world”, Elliott Bisnow, the 27-year old founder and CEO of Summit, the group that led the purchase said in a news post on their website.