Home lending picks up

In the news this week, housing commitments and new home sales post strong results; and how to add lots of colour to your home – one room at a time

Key Auction Tips - Part 1 Understanding the auction process

Before you can even start thinking about buying well at auction you need to take some time to fully understand what the auction process actually involves. Put simply, a property auction is a public sale by a licensed auctioneer where the property is sold to the highest bidder, providing the reserve price is met. Read More

New home loans rise

The number of new home loans increased slightly in April, according to data released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Just add colour

Grey days of winter getting you down? It may be a good time to change things round by creating a multi-colour paint scheme using three or four different colours in the same room.
We take a look at how to tackle the project...

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Low interest rates pay off

Many Australian homeowners are putting savings from lower interest rates straight back into paying off their home loans, a recent survey has found.

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Concrete by the roll

If you think building with concrete is hard work, new technology is flattening that idea right out.
UK manufacturer Concrete Canvas Ltd. has, as their name suggests, developed a flexible cement-impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and fireproof concrete layer. Essentially, it is concrete on a roll; all that is needed is water and air.

The benefits add up. It not only makes for rapid construction, but it means that a standard 150mm of poured concrete can be replaced with just 8mm for many surfacing applications.
The company website claims that, as a result, a material saving of 95 per cent can be achieved on typical construction projects, while also reducing the carbon footprint through materials, transport and time on site.

New home sales lift further

Sales of newly built homes continue to strengthen, according to the latest monthly survey of Australia's largest volume builders...

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Trump's home on the nose

If you were going to spend nearly $100M on a home, you would probably expect it to be like a breath of fresh air.

It seems, however, that Donald Trump's former Palm Beach mansion offered marble floors, bullet-proof windows, mahogany doors, giant skylights, full-sized ballroom … and extensive mould damage, according to the UK Daily Mail.

The Russian mogul who bought the 33,000 square foot home for US$95M now has plans to correct the issue by tearing it down. Ironically enough, he made his fortune in fertiliser.