Recovery underway

In the news this week, market confidence on the rise; Great Barrier Reef island for sale; and the opportunity for ten minutes with a sustainable designer …

Investor confidence lifts

Homebuyers in Australia are quickly growing in confidence about the property market recovery and are looking to invest in greater numbers than two years ago, according to a survey released this week.

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Speed date a green designer

Whether you are planning or mid-way through a renovation, it is always useful to be able to run your ideas past a professional who can give you some advice.

So we love the idea of an event called ‘speed date a sustainable designer’, to be held in Sydney’s Paddington Town Hall on 1 June.

Run by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) with support from The City of Sydney, the event will offer homeowners a 13-minute ‘date’ with any two of Sydney’s leading sustainable architects and building designers to discuss ideas, problems, projects and alternatives.

Building recovery on the horizon

Residential building is set for a strong recovery over the next three years, according to forecasts released this week by Master Builders Australia (MBA).

MBA Chief Economist Peter Jones said the predicted return to more positive conditions for the industry signals light at end of a very long tunnel for both residential and commercial building sectors.

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A daydream investment

In a country abound with natural beauty, the Great Barrier Reef is possibly one of our most coveted wonders. Now we all have a chance to own more than just a little slice of heaven, as an entire island resort in the Whitsundays is on the market.

For the discerning businessman, Daydream Island Resort and Spa offers 296 4.5 star rooms, staff accommodation for up to 130 employees and approximately AU$25M in average revenue for the past 10 years, according to the property listing on RealCommercial.

For everyone else, the idyllic scenery of the island is surrounded by the world’s largest living reef lagoon, while the island itself has a 6-berth marina, 2 helipads, a large day spa, 2 tennis courts and a wedding chapel.

April mortgages up 40 per cent

The number of mortgages processed last month was 40 per cent higher than in April 2012, according a national mortgage broker.

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Holding up under pressure

Young minds are naturally inquisitive and creative, and that can result in a messy house by the end of the day! We're always on the look out for interesting things to encourage the little ones to put their toys away, and Pin Pres by ooomydesign pushes the right buttons.

Similar in design to the old metal 3D art pinhead toys, Pin Pres is a square grid of large wooden pins that acts as a shelf. Whenever an item is pressed into the pin grid, the surrounding pins hold it in place. From books to toys, the shelf adapts to all shapes and sizes, and comes in a range of colours.