We hope you have a safe and happy Easter break…

In this special holiday issue of our news, it’s time to buy a home as housing affordability lifts; and we find out what Aussies think makes their city ‘liveable’ …

Don’t write off properties going to auction - become informed instead!

So often I have people telling me that they want to buy a property but they don’t want to bother with properties that are up for auction. I find it amazing that prospective property hunters would choose to significantly reduce the number of properties that they are going to look at simply because they don’t like or don’t understand the auction selling process. Read more

Affordability best in years

New research shows housing affordability surged again in the final months of 2012, to improve by almost twenty per cent on the same time last year...

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Australia’s favourite colours

The Dulux Colour Awards announced this week applauded the use of bright colours and patterns across all categories, but what colour do most Australians choose when painting their homes?

According to the Dulux website, our favourite colours are in fact, all shades of white – ‘Antique White USA’ is still number one favourite, followed by ‘Natural White’ and ‘Hog Bristle’.

In fact, in their remarks on the winning entry in the Single Residential Interior category (Queen St Residence by Edwards Moore Projects), the judges commented on the “injection of personality into the residence by … the use of bright yellow trims, which wash the white walls with colour”.

The verdict is in

Great place to live, but there's some work needed on transport and sustainability.

This was the overall response in a recent survey conducted by the Property Council of Australia on how 'liveable' we think our cities are. What do you think?

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Aussies go bush

What do you have planned for the Easter weekend? Will you be spending some time in the bush? It may be just as well we have a lot of space, as it seems most Aussies like to go bush for a picnic or a walk.

Figures released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that nearly three quarters of Australian adults (73 per cent) took part in some activity that involved contact with nature in 2011-12.

The most popular of these activities was visiting a national park or botanic garden (52 per cent), followed by a nature walk or bush walk (42 per cent).

Just under one third of Australian adults visited a wildlife park or zoo, and one quarter took a camping or nature holiday.