Switch off and win...

This Saturday is Earth Hour – and your chance to win a solar system for the whole community. In other news this week, investors lift off and a twelve-year-old girl builds a sustainable home for a school project…

Are you ready for Super Saturday?

Sydney and Melbourne are primed for the biggest auction weekend so far this year with more than 2000 properties ready to go under the hammer.  Soon there'll be some ecstatic buyers who bought their dream property within their means and below their maximum purchase price and there'll be others who'll be cursing their actions having gone over their budget to "win" in the heat of the auction environment. Read more

Investors back in the game

Loans for investment housing rose again in January, lifting the total value of dwelling finance commitments by 2.4 per cent.

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Savings from a rainy day

Friday 22 March is World Water Day, a day to raise global awareness of this precious commodity.

A rainwater tank seems like an inexpensive and effortless way to ensure that your household has plenty of water in the dry times, so we asked the experts for their tips on installation and care...

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Tiny homes from growing bones

From little things, big things grow. In the case of La Petite Maison, the little thing is a 12-year-old girl from the US, and the big thing is the tiny house she's building for a school project, with the aim of living simply and inspiring others to do the same.

Drawing her own inspiration from tiny homes evangelist Derek Diedricksen, young Sicily K. decided that building a cosy, comfy house with almost no money was for her. She's not only invested in her own future, but she has also had the project funded by peers and supporters via crowdsourcing website Indiegogo.

With a kids like this around, the future is certainly looking bright.

Shine the sun on your community

Earth Hour is on again, at 8.30pm this Saturday 23 March, and this year Australians are switching off for good, by switching on to renewable energy.

As an extra incentive, free solar power systems are being given away - here's how you can win one for your community...

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What lenders want

Are you looking to take out a loan or refinance your mortgage soon? There is a wide range of competitive home loan deals available in today’s mortgage market but borrowers are being warned they may miss out on the offers if their loan approval is knocked back or delayed.

To ensure a smooth approval process, it is important to understand what lenders will be looking for ...

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Dreamscape on Elm St

A good renovation is the stuff dreams are made of, especially when the home is a nightmare. It certainly worked for the house featured in the horror movie A Nightmare On Elm St, which the LA Times reports has sold for just over A$2M after extensive renovations.

The signature red front door stayed, but the rest of the house has apparently had some serious internal surgery - along with cosmetic refurbishments - to repair the real-life nightmare state the former owners had left it in.

The hard work definitely paid off, as the slasher-flick icon has sold for a cool million more than when it last changed hands in 2006.