Better by design

This week in the news, we look at some clever designs that could make our homes more cost-effective, ‘clever’ or even just “way out there’...

Don't become a flood victim

It's devastating to see the results of the floods in Queensland and NSW. Particularly for those about to go through the painful process of cleaning up or rebuilding their property, some who are doing it for the second time in two years. Read more here....

Young designer lights the way

Motion-sensitive skirting boards that light up using LEDs have been announced the outright winner of Brightgreen’s fourth national ‘Switched On’ competition...

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Land sales continue to fluctuate

Sales of residential land continue to rise despite a drop in the September 2012 quarter, according to the latest HIA-RP Data Residential Land Report...

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Just add air

A new shower nozzle that uses up to 50 per cent less water while giving the sensation of full pressure could provide Australians with guilt-free showers over the hot, dry summer....

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Mortgages: a tale of two seaboards

The mortgage market is becoming a tale of two seaboards with investors dominating the NSW and Queensland markets, according to mortgage broker AFG.

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Bare-all walls

In a highly populated city like Tokyo, you would expect living spaces to be confined, but a Japanese architectural firm has turned that on its head by designing a house you can literally see through.

Using glass and white steel frames, Sou Fujimoto's House NA is transparent from front to back and comprises 21 individual floor plates at various heights, linked by stairs and ladders that can be cordoned off with curtains.

Fujimoto claims to have drawn inspiration from the open-space communal living of ancient predecessors who inhabited tree branches.

Floor to ceiling storage

Storage a problem? Try “converting” a wall into ceiling-high bookshelves with storage cupboards below. This may decrease floor space slightly, but will open up areas where once you needed to put your stereo, speakers, television and video cabinets, books, ornaments, etc.

If you have small children, designate at least one of the cupboards (or maybe a very deep drawer) to their toys, so that a quick tidy-up is possible when unexpected guests arrive!