I hope you all had a great week!

Hi all

Team Ockerlander have been busy this month with 7 sales to date and there is still 1 more week left! We are finding that most buyers have now sorted out the slow finance process and are actively looking, comparing and shortlisting their favourite homes and wanting to secure them. 

This week, we sold the duplex 2 Derby Street Epping at auction for the amazing price $1.308m. There were 3 bidders and 27 bids which is really good these days. We had received offers prior and had to move the guide and then move the auction forward after contacting all interested parties. It was on the market for 14 days and we had 11931 web views, 97 groups through and 40 requests for contracts. We also finalised the sale of 11 Manning Parade Dundas Valley with 4 other buyers competing to get finance approved first. Apologies to those who missed out, however, we still have a variety of lovely homes on offer. 

This Saturday, our stunning new home 15a Wycombe Street Epping goes to auction at 11.15am. It opens for registration at 10.45am.

It is Election Day tomorrow and polling booths are open from 8am to 6pm. We really appreciate you making time to come and see our homes while fitting in your voting trip. 

Carlingford Public School is holding a sausage sizzle tomorrow to raise money for their Vegie garden initiative. Last year, I donated $1000 to this great project which involves over 40 students. This week I got to spend some time at the school and see all the children getting involved. I am glad to see it is coming along well!  

I am passionate about sustainability, so I have undertaken the award-winning professional training to become a Liveability Real Estate Specialist. This allows me to maximise the results for my customers by fully understanding how to identify an additional 17 Liveability Features and market and promote their benefits to buyers. For more details go to  

We have a full day tomorrow with lots of wonderful homes, so when you are out and about voting, why not stop by and say hello. 

Best wishes

Betty and team

Honey, we need to talk

How often do you discuss financial issues with your partner? A new report shows that those who do are more likely to find themselves in a better position for success.

The release is timely, given that next week (25 – 31 March) is Global Money Week, an annual financial awareness campaign built to inspire young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship.

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Property prices down: ABS

Following unprecedented growth, Sydney and Melbourne continue to now drag down property prices as they adjust, according to data released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The latest figures show that residential property prices fell 2.4 per cent in the December quarter 2018.

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Decorate or stage?

Is home staging simply the new decorating? What’s the difference? The short answer is, who it’s for.

We take a look at the roles of the home stager and decorator/interior designer, and how they might be used to best effect...

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Price of land rises as demand falls

The price of land for new residential building has continued to rise despite a fall in demand, new figures reveal.

The March 2019 edition of the HIA-CoreLogic Residential Land Report shows that in the September 2018 quarter, land lot prices across Australia rose 0.8 per cent to reach $279,949. Over the same period, the number of lots sold fell by 16.2 per cent.

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Designing homes for Mars

Who would have thought that humans might actually be designing homes we could live in on Mars? That’s been the focus of a $3.15 million competition held by NASA since 2015 - to build a 3D printed habitat for deep space exploration, including the agency’s journey to Mars.

The multi-phase challenge is seeking to advance the construction technology needed to create sustainable housing solutions for Earth and beyond. The Seal Test Stage has just been concluded, with the final Habitat Print challenge to be held in April.

Should you switch?

Switching your home loan to another lender or product could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest, or at least give you the advantage of handy features such as off-setting.

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